It only takes one accent piece to make a statement.


Late ‘90s to early 2000s marked the era of relaxed, sporty, and downright cool quality of the decade. Iconic looks like denim-on-denim, tinted specs, chokers, halter tops defined this era. And we’re back at it 'cause nostalgic memories bring positive emotions, foster optimism, and drive a sense of belongingness.
This is why throwback trends never go out of style.
brown leather tote bag flatlay


CARRIE, the classic baguette

“It’s not bag, it’s a baguette!” will forever remain iconic as Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits in ‘Sex and The City.’
Embrace your quirks and take your style up a notch with the classy Carrie—Costal’s version of the baguette with a minimalist spin. Wear it with anything and strut a la Carrie in the streets.  
woman in denim jacket wearing a black shoulder bag


CAMERON, the square crossbody

The Cameron embodies a true ’90s fashionista—basic yet bold and simply eye-catching. Turn heads with the slim-fit square sling perfect for a casual day out.

woman in white shirt and brown pants wearing a brown sling bag


RACHEL, the bag that carries it all

Like Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel in the ‘90s sitcom FRIENDS, the “RACHEL” is versatile and forever-reliable to carry all your baggage. Spacious, soft & slouchy, this tote bag is the BFF to your Brooklyn and Madison.

woman in white blouse and denim skirt with tote bag


OLSEN, the shapeshifter bag

Oversized everything was an early 2000s thing made famous by the Olsen twins; hence the name of our hobo bags.

The “Olsen” is a carry-all everyday tote that shapeshifts with whatever you put inside.
sitting woman in black top with brown hobo bag

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Olsen Hobo

The “OLSEN” is perfectly slouchy – one that you’ll instantly carry day in, day out. Crafted in our signature leather hide, it becomes softer and more beautiful over time.DIMENSIONS (INCHES):...
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Rachel Tote

“RACHEL” is a carry-all tote bag that can hold up through your daily commutes. Spacious on the inside, soft and slouchy on the outside for those who are fond of...